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Publication numberCA2131365 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2131365
PCT numberPCT/US1993/001936
Publication date16 Sep 1993
Filing date2 Mar 1993
Priority date3 Mar 1992
Also published asCA2131365C, EP0629200A1, US5314899, US5462956, WO1993018037A1
Publication numberCA 2131365, CA 2131365 A1, CA 2131365A1, CA-A1-2131365, CA2131365 A1, CA2131365A1, PCT/1993/1936, PCT/US/1993/001936, PCT/US/1993/01936, PCT/US/93/001936, PCT/US/93/01936, PCT/US1993/001936, PCT/US1993/01936, PCT/US1993001936, PCT/US199301936, PCT/US93/001936, PCT/US93/01936, PCT/US93001936, PCT/US9301936
InventorsThomas F. Spande, Hugo M. Garraffo, John W. Daly
ApplicantThomas F. Spande, Hugo M. Garraffo, John W. Daly, United States Of America, Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Services (The)
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Epibatidine and derivatives, compositions and methods of treating pain
CA 2131365 A1
The present invention is directed to compounds, compositions and methods of treating pain, and derivatives that have potent analgetic activity. The compounds have formula (I) wherein R1 is selected from H, lower alkyl, C3-C9 cycloalkyl, acyl, and C3-C9 cycloalkylalkyl, haloalkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, hydroxyalkyl, or C3-C8 cycloalkenyl or C3-C8 cycloalkynyl; and wherein R is selected from cycloalkyl, aryl, heteroaryls (selected from the group consisting of pyridyl, thienyl, furanyl, imidazolyl, pyrazinyl, and pyrimidyl) or phenoxy and wherein said R groups can be substituted with hydroxyl, C1-C6 lower alkyl, C2-C6 alkenyl, C1-C6 lower alkoxyl, halo, C1-C6 haloalkyl, amino, C1-C6 alkylamino and C2-C10 dialkylamino, and sulfonamido or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.
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International ClassificationC07D403/04, C07D209/00, A61K31/44, A61K31/40, A61P25/04, A61K31/495, C07D487/08, C07D401/04
Cooperative ClassificationC07D487/08
European ClassificationC07D487/08
Legal Events
1 Sep 1994EEERExamination request
3 Mar 2003MKLALapsed